Proximity is a warning device that aids carers of both Autism and Dementia with one common issue — Wandering.

With Natalie - we looked to create a bold and vibrant identity that includes a direct take on the proximity rationale – a symbol that visualises the wearable’s meaning and that is also flexible for digital application.

Whilst the identity is bold and playful it was necessary for the app to express clarity through the user journey.

The user’s needs have always been at the centre of the design process. Whilst the industrial design focused on comfort and discretion, the UI and UX design focussed on simplicity, and clear instruction for inexperienced smartphone users.

Research showed that the majority of carers were inexperienced app users, and confusion when using the Proximity Care app would only add to the stress and anxiety they experienced when their patient wandered. We therefore designed a simple and highly intuitive interface that facilitated the user’s interaction with the button. The app includes a step by step tutorial, big and bold action buttons and easy pairing instructions.

Published: July 2016
Categories: Identity, UX/UI App Design & Print.
Credit: Mettle Studio - Button design.