Work In Progress...

We worked closely with TeachFirst to create the positioning and form the design brief – this was to simply convey TeachFirst is a community charity and focusses on a strong connection with the people who power change - the TeachFirst graduates.

The challenge for TeachFirst: the brand was at a dis-connect with its' graduate audience - reflecting badly on the programme retention rate.

The new identity creates a visual language for our users that synthesizes TeachFirst values with the principles of good design.

Paying close attention, a real emphasis was given to the tone selection, colour pairings and layout of the website – resulting in a brand that felt fun and down to earth but also worthwhile and carefully considered. 

The same theory was applied to the user journeys' of the TeachFirst website - we refined the on-boarding process down to 4 steps from 12. How? By introducing an overlay follow-me menu and prominent but not overpowering buttons - balanced by our punchy colour way.

Published: October 2016
Categories: Identity, Strategy & UI/UX Design.
Credit: Stephanie O'Callaghan Photography